How LQ is Healing the Workplace

According to the Mayo Clinic the person you report to at work is more important to your health than your family doctor. Many of us are highly invested in our businesses, careers and jobs because we care about what we do. It is therefore natural to feel stressed when things don’t go well at work or in our businesses. However, when this type of stress in ongoing and gets worse over time, the impact it has on our health and relationships can be devastating.

What’s worse is that for many of us work related stress is a silent killer. It sneaks up on us. We don’t realize what a rut we’re in until it’s too late and one of the main reasons for this is that the bad habits and behaviors that lead to life-changing events such as death, divorce and illness have become normalized.

The modern workplace has become a breeding ground for bad habits leading to poor health and wellbeing for leaders, executives and employees alike. Some of the main issues are high stress/high conflict environments, micromanaging executives, unreasonably long work hours, a tendency to work after hours and work-related stress seeping into personal relationships.