LQ and Jack Ma

In September 2018, days before his fifty-fourth birthday Jack Ma announced his intention to retire. Ma founded and built Alibaba Group Holding Ltd into a multi-billion dollar company, one of the largest in Asia. In 2013 Ma appointed CEO, Daniel Zhang while continuing to wield significant influence as Group Executive. Ma expressed his wishes to withdraw to his first passion namely teaching and has been increasingly involved in educational philanthropy. On the 10th September 2019, one year after announcing his retirement Ma will step down.

Ma is one of the most prominent business leaders to use the term LQ. As we study the man and the company he built, we see many similarities and parallels making Ma one the best examples of a high LQ leader. Given that this is his last year as steward of internet giant Alibaba Group, we list our favorite Jack Ma quotes and discuss how they relate to LQ.