About Chris Wise

Chris Wise

“How can love change the world in a practical way?” It’s an unusual question, but Chris Wise asks it all the time.

As the world’s leading authority on the newest of the intelligence paradigms, LQ (Love Quotient), Chris Wise is pulling the rug out from under common self-love beliefs and practices.

LQ was however not always on his radar or in his consciousness.

Chris is the founder of Wise Profits and The Evolved Alpha. He has coauthored three books, started, owned, and managed multiple companies over the course of 25 years and is also a member of the International High IQ Society. As a speaker Chris has shared his wisdom and experiences inspiring thousands around the world.

But his life didn’t always look the way it does today: successful entrepreneur, inspirational thought leader, renowned speaker and the world’s leading authority on LQ.

When a business deal with a less-than-reputable partner went south, Chris found himself behind bars, stripped of his freedom, isolated from the world beyond his prison cell, and running out of options.

While in prison, Chris was accosted with more emotional challenges than he’d ever faced before. The threat of violence, abuse and oppression were part of his new everyday experience.

Through his challenges and adversities Chris discovered the fullness and power of LQ.

Chris began using a simple, “I love you,” practice. This kept him grounded and even helped him defuse violent situations. (See full story.)

Chris is a firm believer that LQ should be studied alongside the concepts of IQ and EQ. However, even more applicably, he is certain that the practices of LQ belong in common society; within elementary schools, missions, shelters, businesses, political offices, sports teams, entertainment, commerce and within the basic, everyday relationship between parents and children, between lovers and friends.

Out of the numerous, profound concepts Chris Wise is bringing to the world, if he could only give one gift it would be this: the simple, healing practice of loving one’s inner child deeply and consistently every day.

It’s a practice – and a concept – whose time has come.