Love Quotient (LQ) definition – (noun):

love quotient
LQ is a measurement of a person’s access to their heart intelligence, unlike IQ and EQ which measure cognitive and emotional intelligence.

Access to this intelligence is done through developing a relationship with one’s inner self aka inner child. The more deeply one has embraced all aspects of this part of self the greater access they have to their heart intelligence.

The more access one has to their heart intelligence the higher their LQ. The higher someone’s LQ the more kind and loving they are to themselves and others.

Everyone innately has heart intelligence, but many people struggle to access it. Someone with a high heart intelligence has the ability to feel vulnerable, safe in one’s own body, and authentic in who they are, as well as the ability to embrace all aspects of the self and their emotions.

As a new ideal towards which humanity should strive, the development of LQ will have a direct impact on social structures such as education, business, the family, mental health, and politics.

Thought leader Chris Wise first experienced the power of LQ while facing violence in prison. He is now working to bring LQ into every aspect of society so that we can heal from our wounds and embrace the beauty within ourselves and others. As we more deeply embrace all aspects of ourselves, this will influence the design of how we have construct our social and family systems.

Our Vision

vision love quotient

Our vision for Love Quotient, or LQ, is that it becomes a widely recognized and integrated aspect of an individual’s daily life and thus into society. LQ, with its focus on heart intelligence, provides a comprehensive framework for understanding and applying the principles of love in all areas of life, including education, business, mental health, and government.

As LQ gains recognition and adoption, we envision a community of thought leaders coming together to collaborate and build upon this existing framework. This collaboration will help to deepen and expand our understanding of love and its practical applications in the world.

Through the integration of LQ into schools, businesses, and other institutions, I believe that we can improve the lives of billions of people around the world. By fostering greater understanding and connection through the principles of love, we can create a more united and compassionate global community.

How you can get involved

LQ has dozens of practical applications. We have seen the concept take hold in a variety of professional settings, from businesses to schools, to universities, to religious institutions, and beyond. LQ has successfully transformed these environments and propelled organizations to new levels of efficiency, harmony, and creativity.

Individuals wishing to collaborate with us have included CEOs, founders, teachers, lawyers, doctors, and politicians. Some of the ways in which to do so include

LQ Modality Certification

LQ Modality Certification

For coaches and psychologists who have methods to raise LQ and wish to have those modalities LQ certified. This program offers validation and recognition for effective approaches to increasing heart intelligence and self-love.

LQ Certification

LQ Certification

Our LQ certification program provides extensive LQ training and equips you with the skills needed to transfer your knowledge to others and allows you to incorporate LQ into your coaching methodology to improve your clients’ lives.

LQ Board Member/Advisor

LQ Board Member/Advisor

Become part of a group of experts who are working to develop LQ’s practical application. As a board member or advisor, you would provide input and guidance on key decisions and initiatives, and help drive the organization’s efforts to promote and advance LQ as an intelligence paradigm.

LQ Strategy Panel

LQ Strategy Panel

The LQ Strategy Panel is a group of thought leaders who are focused on integrating the concept of love quotient (LQ) into different aspects of society. This panel may engage in strategic outreach to specific segments of society, such as the education, business, or mental health sectors, to promote the importance of raising LQ and the benefits it can provide.

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