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The Love Quotient Book

Chris Wise has spent the last decade understanding love, its many permutations, facets and aspects. In the darkest moments of his life, love was there. When he lost everything and unraveled to a state of sheer nothingness, only love was there. It was in that emptiness that he found his true purpose and embarked on a mission to share his insight with the world.

In his groundbreaking new book, The Love Quotient, thought-leader Chris Wise, reveals the secret to transforming your relationship with yourself and others. He also answers the question What is LQ? and provides practical advice on how to raise your LQ and why you need to do so.

Based on tireless scientific inquiry, The Love Quotient offers powerful insights for developing an active and consistent relationship with your inner-child that will improve your emotional health, well-being and personal happiness.

The Love Quotient is a must read that will help you find freedom, enduring inner joy and love.

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LQ Test & Assessment for Individuals and Teams

Would you like to measure your LQ?

The LQ Assessment is a transformational tool that provides invaluable insight into the state of your Love Quotient. This test will help you identify where you fall on the LQ spectrum, as well as your LQ strengths and weaknesses.

The LQ Assessment is an excellent yardstick, both for personal development and corporate culture review and implementation.

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LQ Certification

Become LQ certified. Whether you are a coach, consultant or practitioner, being Love Quotient certified gives you an edge and raises the value you can create for your clients.

Our certification program provides extensive LQ training and equips you with the skills needed to transfer your knowledge to others.

With this certification in hand, you can afford your clients the numerous benefits related to LQ. This program allows you to help your clients unlock their true potential and guide them to living more fulfilling and authentic lives.

Become an LQ-certified coach today and open a world of possibilities.

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LQ Workshop

Led by a Certified LQ Practitioner, this journey of self-discovery will transform the way you relate to yourself and the world around you.

You can build your LQ foundation in a single week. By the end of the workshop, you will understand the LQ fundamentals and how to apply them to your own life. More importantly, you will have begun your journey to raising your LQ.

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LQ Corporate Training

In this course, led by a Certified LQ Practitioner, we will equip you and your team with all the tools you require to discover and unleash your full potential.

LQ awareness and training can transform your organization by creating a more enjoyable and fulfilling environment and ultimately leading to a more productive workforce.

Raise your own LQ and help your team to raise theirs by providing them with life-changing LQ training.

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LQ Corporate Licensing

Become an authorized vendor of the LQ Tools and methodology

With our licensing program, you will have all the benefits of being able to provide the LQ Tools to other companies and individuals. You will have access to exclusive marketing materials and be the first to know about new products that are developed under the LQ banner.

By becoming a proponent of LQ, you will enjoy all the benefits of being a forerunner in the revolution and transformation that LQ will bring to the world.

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