Love Quotient (LQ) definition – (noun): A person’s ability to be kind and loving to him/her self and to others.

Love Quotient (or LQ) has not, until recently been adequately defined. There has been a subconscious, somewhat vague understanding of the concept, but now, for the first time the idea is being brought into the light.

Just as EQ (Emotional Quotient) informs the world’s understanding about emotions and their impact on how we communicate and IQ (Intelligence Quotient) gives us the means to measure intellect, LQ (Love Quotient) is humanity’s tool for understanding our own capacity to love. It also highlights the necessity for us to do so.

LQ is redefining and expanding what love means.

Many people have a limited perspective on love; assuming that it is limited to the romance felt between lovers or an expression of love between friends and family.

Love, however is so much more.

It is the energy from which life arises. If, as infants, we do not receive love, we could not survive, let alone thrive. Physical touch is a form of love. Creating a profitable business is love in action. Having integrity is a function of love in action. Even fear, anger and sadness are different colors in the spectrum of love.

As a new ideal towards which humanity should strive, the development of LQ will have a direct impact on those social structures which are at the very center of modern civilization; structures such as education, commerce, the family, sports, entertainment, and politics.

Thought-leader Chris Wise first experienced the power of LQ while facing violence in prison. By remaining heart-centered through his challenges, Chris unwittingly discovered the enormous economic, emotional, physical, social and psychological benefits of building one’s LQ.

As one of the world’s leading authorities on love intelligence, Chris is bringing LQ into every social crevice so that we as humanity can, from a framework of love, heal from our wounds and grow to embrace the immense beauty that we find within ourselves and within one another.

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