IQ, EQ & LQ-What Do They Mean and How Are They Related?

We know that IQ is a measure of intelligence fully rooted in the mind and has, for many years, been used as a predictor of future success. EQ, which speaks to emotional intelligence, is one’s ability to understand the motivations and feelings of others and to be guided by this knowledge in our interactions with them. It is also widely believed that while IQ is set, EQ can be developed.

Understanding LQ as it relates to IQ and EQ is simple. LQ refers to the intelligence of the heart. It is one’s ability to be kind and compassionate to self and others. LQ begins where EQ ends. It is the next evolutionary step in the intelligence paradigm and in some ways LQ may be more important to our development than either EQ or IQ.

If someone has a low IQ, or a low EQ, they can still learn to love themselves and in turn to be more kind and loving to others. We all know of that one person in our lives, who is not book smart, or street smart but has a heart of gold.